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AIMP - Un player audio cool cu caracteristici și instrumente suplimentare

În prezent nu avem o recenzie pentru programul: AIMP, versiunea 4.13.1897. Dacă doriți să scrieți o recenzie pentru acest program, vă rugăm să o faceți și să ne-o trimiteți, iar noi o vom include cu placere pe site.

If you are looking for a good audio player, then you must consider using AIMP. Why? That’s a good question and the answer is really simple: that is because the audio player has a visually pleasing design and a lot of interesting features you might not find in any other audio player and that is why you should keep it as your default audio player.
With AIMP, you can choose to manage and categorize all your MP3 audio files in a neatly kept digital library. You can also choose to edit all your tags and have fun listening to them in high quality. AIMP also supports other commonly used formats as well, for example Karaoke files and other playlist formats.
The interface is customizable and boasts the usual playback functionality, also incorporating an 18-band sound equalizer, pretty neat background visuals, a separate window functionality so that you can also view other songs in your playlist, and a normalizing filter which helps avoid abrupt sound and volume alterations. Interestingly, the audio software also supports global hotkeys.
All in all, judging by the features and options this software provides, it is definitely a must have audio player if you are bored with the one you are using now.


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